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Bounce Back Staff


Coach Valeri

When Coach Valeri was a kid she did gymnastics, cheer, swimming and track!  She has a degree from Eastern Michigan University in Elementary Education and a Masters from Madonna University in teaching with a focus in Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She was a teacher for 5 years and now home schools her kiddos.  She coaches Gymnastics, Ninja and Kinder Classes on Mondays and Thursdays. She and her husband have 3 kiddos, 2 cats, 1 dog, and 15 chickens! She loves dill pickles, apples, sun chips and diet coke!

Coach Brittany was a cheerleader from 1st-12th grade and in college she did Danish Gymnastics. She graduated from Berea with a degree in Child & Family Studies and received her Masters from UofL in Public Health.  She currently coaches Ninja, Tumbling, and Gymnastics classes. She and her husband have 3 kiddos, 2 dogs, a cat and 3 hives of honey bees.  Her favorite snack is Salsa Verde Chips, beverage is Coke Zero, and color is Green!

Coach Brittany

Coach Brenya

Coach Brenya did competitive gymnastics and dance. She is currently a student at Oldham County High School and enjoys art.  She loves Starbucks, good French Fries, and Chai Tea. She is currently teaching Beginner Gymnastics and her favorite event is Bars.  Brenya has a brother and a cat named Squid. Fun fact- she is an artist and made it to finals in a state art competition!

Coach Bailee

Coach Bailee runs track and is a cheerleader in high school in New Albany. She has been cheering for 6 years and where she earned 2 time All American Nominee and her team placed 2nd in State Championships!  She currently teaches Ninja and Gymnastics classes.  When she graduates she hopes to study business and real estate.  She has a brother and a sister, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 14 chickens. Bailee loves pink and gray, cool ranch Dorito's, Dr Pepper, and watching movies.


Coach Molly

Coach Molly is a student at Oldham County High School.  She is currently a competitive Gymnast and has been doing gymnastics since she was 8 years old. She has 2 sisters and a black lab and she loves pink, Reeses candy, and lemonade! In her free time, Molly enjoys baking.

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