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Bounce Back Beginners Preschool Gymnastics Program

Bouncing Bunnies Class - Baby & Toddler Classes (6mo-2yo)

 Help your wee ones develop motor movements and brain connection while they explore a safe and fun new environment.

(Current classes are for 16mo-3yo.  If you are interested in 6mo-15mo please let us know so we can build a class list and open them!)

Hopping Kangaroos Class - Preschool Gymnastics (3 & 4yo)

 Preschoolers love our Gymnastics Based Movement Education Program.  It is specifically designed to help create and reinforce brain pathways while developing balance, fine and gross motor skills, body awareness, confidence and comprehension skills.

Skipping Squirrels Class - Kinder Gymnastics (5 & 6yo)

Designed to fit the learning style of 5 & 6 year olds, this class bridges the gap between the preschool and gymnastics programs. While still incorporating circuit style learning, this class also focuses on learning the beginner skills that are the foundation of gymnastics such as cartwheels and pullovers.

School Age Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics (7yo+)

 The great thing about gymnastics is that it is for everyone!  Boys, Girls, Coordinated, Uncoordinated -- Everyone can participate!  If you have experience or none at all, we have a place for you!

Tumbling & Acro Classes (6yo+)

 Want to learn a flip? 

Trying to master that walkover or aerial for your dance routine? 

Need a back handspring to make the cheer team?

This is the class for you!

Click one of the links below to view class schedules

and register for class!

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