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Bounce Back Gymnastics
Team Program

About Our Team Program

 At Bounce Back Gymnastics we want to give every child the opportunity

to experience the benefits and excitement of being on a team.

We also realize that while some athletes are super motivated and driven,

not every child is interested in collegiate or elite gymnastics. 

In fact, most children really don't know what they want until they have been in the sport for a few years and have had an opportunity to experience a little bit of competition!


For this reason, we take a different approach to our competitive gymnastics program by focusing on building the basic strength and technique in the context of entry level AAU Xcel Teams.  Our students and families love the ability to experience the competitive side of the sport without the high time and financial commitments that are often associated with the compulsory program.  We offer Copper, Bronze, Silver, & Gold divisions of Xcel.

We offer two primary tracks in our gymnastics program:

the Recreational path and the Technical path.

Which path your child should take is dependent on several factors,

the most important factors being goals and commitment level.


Our Recreational track is Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Sapphire.

Our Technical track is Gold, Level 6/7, Level 8, Level 9, & Level 10.

Still have questions or want to schedule an evaluation?

Call us at 502-265-0191 or fill out the form below and we will contact you!

Join Our Team!


Team Tryouts are
May 18th!

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